Mens Silver Ring with Hand Engraved on Agate Calligraphy Mohamed ar-Rasool Allah -

Muhammadur Rasool Allah Islamic Ring, Men's Silver Ring with Genuine Red Agate Stone, Islamic Gift

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Islamic Calligraphy Agate Ring
* made of solid sterling silver
* hand-stamped .925
* hand-engraved natural red agate stone
* stone dimensions: 1 x 0.8" (25 x 20 mm)
* ring weight: 0.5 oz (15.0 gr)
* SIZE: 9.5 US

The calligraphy carved depicts quote "Muhammadur Rasool Allah".
Bearing witness “laa ilaahah illa allah” and that “muhammadur rasool Allah” is the first pillar of the five pillars of Islam.
As for the declaration, “muhammadur rasool Allah” its meaning is the assertion of the message of Muhammad (pbuh) and to believe in it and to adhere to it by speech, action and faith, and to avoid all that is against it, whether it be sayings, actions, or intentions.