Sufi Ring 925 Sterling Silver Heech Men's Ring Islamic Calligraphy Jewelry Gift for Muslim

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* made of solid sterling silver
* hand-stamped 925
* product weight: 0.4 oz (11.7 gr)
* SIZE: 10.5 US 

"Nothingness" in Islamic philosophy
The calligraphy symbol Heech means, on a basic level, ‘nothing’ in Persian and is used grammatically as total negation.
In Sufism, God created the world out of nothing and so nothingness is everywhere, in every part of the universe and within all of us. Heech is a metaphor from the Sufi tradition and signifies a variety of concepts, such as the dissolution of ego, the unity of all things through nothingness, and accepting one’s nothingness as a way to acknowledge God’s existence.
For a mystic like ancient Sufi poet and philosopher Jalal al-din Rumi, the progression toward “nothingness” (“heech”) is spiritual. No matter what one’s external circumstances may be, self-awareness is an art to be realized personally, deep within oneself.
“Since you are more than tongue can tell, behold how eloquent I am without a tongue,” he wrote almost eight centuries ago. “Like the moon, without legs, I race through nothingness.”