Subhanallah Alhamdulillah IstighfarAllah Bismillah Zikr Original Islamic Art, Islamic Quotes Wall Art, Islamic Calligraphy Frame Gold

  • $100.00

* This picture is original hand-painting!
* Materials used: inks and drawing paper
* Framed format: 13" x 16.5" (34cm x 42cm)
* Framed in the new frame with glass
* The painting COMES FRAMED as shown on the photos

The calligraphy presented depicts in the composition the dua and Tasbih (Tasbeeh), based on Qur'an and Sunnah, to be recited after every Fard Salah.
1. La ilaha illallah (There is no god but Allah)
2. Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah)
3. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah)
4. Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)
5. Astaghfirullah (I ask Allah to forgive me)
6. Bismillah (in the name of Allah)

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