Arabian Horse Calligraphy, FRAMED Islamic Calligraphy Art, Eid Gift, Muslim Art, Original Painting 60 x 40cm, Calligraphy Figure Art

  • $250.00


* Subject: horse
* Materials used: inks and drawing paper
* Framed format: 24.8" x 19.3" (63cm x 49cm)
* Framed in the silver-colored frame with an anti-reflective acrylic glazed
* The painting will be shipped WITH THE FRAME as shown on the photo!

Hadith (quote) of the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.a.w) about Horses: "Horses are a reward for one man, a protection for another, a burden for another. The one who has them as a reward is the one who dedicates them for use in the way of Allah, and tethers them in a meadow or grassland. Whatever the horse enjoys of the grassland or meadow in the length of its tether are good deeds for him. If it breaks its tether and goes over a hillock or two, its tracks and droppings are good deeds for him. If it crosses a river and drinks from it while he did not mean to allow it to drink it, that counts as good deeds for him, and the horse is a reward for him. Another man uses his horse to gain self reliance and up-standingness and does not forget Allah's right on their necks and backs (i.e. he does not ill treat or over-work them). Horses are a protection for him."

Zoomorphic Islamic calligraphy art is a mode of script metamorphosing into living forms which are also readable letters. The flexibility of the Arabic letters allow themselves to be bent and extended in a way which is impossible with other alphabets.
This art was developed in Ottoman Turkey, India and Qatar Iran as early as 1458.

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