GOLD FOIL PAINTING Map of Viking Invasion, Old Map Miniature Painting, Viking Wall Art, Ottoman Painting, Islamic Art Framed, office gift

  • $95.00


* Materials used: watercolor and gold foil

* Paper: sheet of an old book with arabic letters

* Framed format: 16.5" x 12" (42cm x 30.5cm)

* Framed in the new gold-colored frame with two layers of glass

* This artwork is original hand painting

READY TO HANG! The painting will be shipped with the frame as shown on the photo.

Viking people

The Vikings were northern people, sometimes called the Norse, who lived in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and sailed the seas in search of treasure. They lived in long houses and huts made of wood. Their raiding period lasted from 793 when a Viking ship raided and destroyed Lindisfarne Abbey in England until 1066 when William of Normandy, himself a descendant of Viking settlers invaded and took over England in the same year that the English defeated the Norwegian King Harold.

Many countries of Europe would eventually be run by Viking people, including Britain, France, Russia, and Southern Italy. Vikings also fought as mercenaries in places like the Byzantine Empire. This map painting shows some of the routes their ships took when they were raiding or trading with middle east area.

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