Hilye Sharif Hand Lettered Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art FRAMED, Muhammad Calligraphy Islamic Ornament Wall Art, Islamic Talisman for Home

  • $600.00

* Subject: Hilye -i- sherif
* Materials used: inks and drawing paper
* Framed format: 22" x 27" (57cm x 70cm)
* Framed in the new frame with an anti-reflective glass
* The painting will be shipped WITH THE FRAME as shown on the photo!

Hilya ash Sharif is based on an authentic narration from Shama’il at-Tirmidhi, has a few verses of Quran and Hadith about the Virtues and Noble Characteristics of The Prophet Muhammad (sas).
The calligraphy presented depicts in the composition ayat from Surat As-Saf [61:13] and ayat from Surah Al-Anbya [21:107] Al-Qur'an al-Kareem.

[61:13]: And (you will obtain) another (favor) that you love - victory from Allah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers.

[21:107]: And We have not sent you, (O Muhammad), except as a mercy to the worlds.

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