Islamic Decor, Handpainted IQRA Calligraphy Framed Artwork, Islamic Wall Hanging, Islamic Religious Wall Art, Calligraphy Arabic Art

  • $95.00

* Subject: quranic calligraphy
* Materials used: inks and drawing paper
* Format: 13" x 19.7" (33cm x 50cm)
* The painting comes FRAMED and MATTED as shown on the photo!

What does Iqra (اقرأ) mean?
The very earliest verse in the Quran is “iqra,” which is the Arabic word for “read”. It is the very first word that was divinely revealed to the prophet Muhammad (SAW). In English it might run like this:
Read! Read in the name of your Creator,
Who made you from a wet drop
And generously taught you with the pen
What you didn’t know.

"Iqra" or "ikra" is a command to read the signs the Creator placed in creation so that we can understand something of His Mercy, Wisdom, and Power. It is a command to learn, through experience and understanding, the meaning of His creation. Moreover, it is an infallible assurance that the creation can be read, that it is intelligible. The Bible also says, "know thou this…," thus drawing our wandering attention to words of wisdom. The better we learn to read it, the better we grasp that the created world is a single universe.


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