Islamic Men's Ring 925 Sterling Silver Nalayn The Blessed Sandals of Muhammad Arabic Calligraphy Ring

  • $55.00

* made of solid sterling silver
* hand-stamped 925
* product weight: 0.4 oz (11.5 gr)
* SIZE: 10.5 US 

In Arabic, the Holy Prophet's sandal is known as Na'al. The Na'layn or the Sunnah Sandals’, ‘the Prophetic Sandals’ are the blessed sandals worn by Blessed Messenger, Muhammad. Like anything connected to the blessed and beloved Prophet (pbuh), The sandals of the Prophet have significance. Love of the Prophet is obligatory on the believers, and a part of the completion of faith.

The Prophet's sandal is an amulet full of bliss, peace and serenity. Light up the face of a friend or loved one with this gift.

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