Nothingness in Islamic Philosophy Art, ORIGINAL INK DRAWING, Ottoman Calligraphy, Islamic Wall Art, Calligraphy Artwork, Horizontal painting

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* Subject: "Nothingness" in islamic philosophy
* Materials used: inks and drawing paper
* Framed format: 19.5" x 12.4" (49.5cm x 31.5cm)
* Framed in the gold frame with an anti-reflective glass

The painting will be shipped with the frame as shown on the photo!

"Nothingness Without End"
This is a traditional piece of Ottoman calligraphy. It reads Hiç/Hech, a Persian word that made its way into Turkic languages (Turkish, Ottoman, Uzbek, Kazakh to name a few) as well. It means, on a basic level, ‘nothing’ and is used grammatically as total negation throughout those languages: hiç kimse = no one (lit. no who) hech qachon = never (lit. no when) etc.
But in Islamic mystical philosophy, Hich means so much more. It refers to the never-ending, infinite and incomprehensible depth of God’s existence, an existence we as humans cannot begin to comprehend except through long study and deep meditation and focus. Hich therefore has become a meditation concept, a focal point to help direct thoughts, and its use as a calligraphic talisman of sorts is seen throughout Turkish, Iranian, and Central Asian Sufi tekkes.

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