Red Tulip Painting on Marbled Paper, Arabic Calligraphy Names of God Allah, Ebru Painting, Islamic Art, Eid gift, large framed art

  • $165.00

Original calligraphy painting on the hand-marbled paper

* Subject: names of God
* Materials used: natural pigments and matte paper
* Framed format: 18.5" x 20.8" (47cm x 53cm)
* Framed in the brown frame with an anti-reflective acrylic glazed.
* This picture is my original handpainting, was made in 2012. Has a bit of light soil because of time, please refer to the photo.

READY TO HANG! The painting will be shipped with the frame as shown on the photo.

According to tradition (hadith) there are 99 names of God in Islam, known as the (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎‎) "Beautiful Names of God"
Prophet Muhammad said: 'To God belongs 99 names, 100 minus 1, anyone who memorizes them will enter Paradise; He (God) is odd (odd number, he is the Only One), and He loves odd numbers (such as 99)'
The Opener. He who opens the solution to all problems and makes things easy
The Trustee. He who manages the affairs of those who duly commit them to His charge, and who looks after them better than they could themselves

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