Turkish Marbled Painting, Ebru Art, Tulip Picture 66x51 cm, Pastel Purple Painting, Original Wall Art, Large Wall Decor, Framed Painting

  • $80.00


* Subject: tulips
* Materials used: natural inks and matte paper
* Framed format: 20" x 26" (51cm x 66cm)
* Framed in the new green pastel frame with an anti-reflective acrylic glazed
* This picture is the original hand-painting

READY TO HANG! The painting will be shipped with the frame as shown on the photo.

What is ebru art?
Marbling or ebru is the art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transforming this pattern to paper.
Persian word ebri has the meaning of cloud-like. In time the word ebri was adapted to the turkish language and has come to be pronounced as ebru.
In Europe, Ebru was named marbled paper (or papier marbre, marmor papier etc.), since the patterns resembled marble with veins. In Arabic world on the other hand ebru paper is known as paper with veins.
Natural colors are used in making ebru for centuries, which are obtained from colored rocks and earth that contains oxidized metals or organic pigment colors that do not dissolve in water.
Yellow: Arsenic Sulfide found in nature.
Blue: Indigo, Lahore Indigo. An organic pigment color found in Lahore area of Pakistan.
Green: Mixture of yellow and blue.
Ultramarine: A pigment color, also called Badakhshi ultramarine.
Black: Obtained from chimney soot. It is the hardest color to prepare.
White: Cerussite. Natural form of lead carbonite.
Red: Obtained from soil with iron oxide pigment.

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